Value-based pricing

We help businesses with over 100 people in their network connect on deals no one thought were possible

Lead generation & Cross-selling 10+

Step 1 - AI & Data Readiness Assessment

Size your network based on the number of investors, colleagues, clients, prospects, alumni, and partners your business has 

Explore the data you can access on companies and people through stakeholder meetings with the business, data owners, compliance & tech risk

Develop an AI roadmap for "make money" & "save money" initiatives that leverages your existing tech stack and budgets




Step 2 - Annual Subscription

AI-powered lead generation and cross-selling prompts

Chat GPT for who at my company can help with any expertise & relationships

Daily colleague and client relationship insights

$40 per user
per month

Get the greatest return on your largest investment: your people

Research on how investment bankers with larger networks internally and externally create more revenue opportunities for the firm and are promoted to leadership rungs quicker.

Common questions

Our team schedules meetings with key stakeholders from the business, engineering, data owners, compliance, and tech risk to help the Head of Digital Strategy get approvals upfront for a result-orientated Data & AI roadmap that is broader than just what Louisa can offer.

The key here is to “shift left” and get stakeholder buy-in from inception so that everyone’s needs are met and documented upfront.  Our experienced C-suite team have seen it all, and help with real-world solutions and user anecdotes. Download some of the sections covered in the report below.

Very easy. Most smaller firms opt for a Do-it-yourself (DIY) onboarding, which will take your tech admin a few days.

For larger firms we offer an optional ‘white glove onboarding’ fee that we quote in the assessment in case you need help organizing all the data in your garage. 

Step 1 – We set up your single instance on AWS (or Azure) and integrate it with your Identity and Access Management system (IAM) for single sign-on (SSO). OKTA, MSFT Active Directory, etc.

Step 2 – Your corporate directory, CRM (not content only who knows which company), and Email (not content only who knows who based on recency and frequency) flow into Snowflake, an S3 bucket, or are pushed via a secure API.

Step 3 – We reconcile your internal data with our external data. For example we auto-map to LinkedIn, maps to Crunchbase, new sources, etc. 

Step 4 – We install a smart bar on all your employee’s screens so they can ask Louisa anything.

Lots! We view this as a partnership and speak your your language.

Onboarding Support

  • Approvals: Our team has done this before and can help your team get approvals from the various data owners, business owners, tech risk, and compliance.
  • Data marshaling: Our team can help marshal the right data into the right shape. Missing data, entity resolution not working, we’ve seen it all before and can help come up with innovative solutions to get your expertise maps and relationship graphs in pristine order

Launch Support

  • C-suite demo: Our Founder CEO is happy to demo this to your C-suite or board, he used to cover some of the largest Financial Institutions in the world has a lot to share with them in the rapidly evolving space of AI. He’ll be quick to respond to their feedback with any new features or needs.
  • Marketing emails: Our team has a pack of templates that you can choose from to help users understand what’s in it for them.

Ongoing support

  • Customer success: You will get a dedicated person, who will make sure Louisa AI grows in it’s usage, capabilities, reach and value at your company.
  • Customer support: is 24/7, just email so NYC, Warsaw, or Bengaluru can respond.

Every feature can be toggled “on” or “off” as per your rollout strategy and approvals process.

Yes, we have entered many statements of work (SOW) with clients where we quote a fixed cost and timeline for custom use cases and features.  Just ask us at

Yes! Louisa is a fully responsive web interface that works on desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

100% of employees at the firm’s we implement use Louisa. At a 50,000-person firm, we have had 3,000 daily and 25,000 monthly active users, with broad usage across 80 offices and all divisions. New Joiners and junior staff have 90% usage whilst senior leaders have 75% usage in their cohort. 

Louisa AI has re-imagined the sales enablement category. Our AI helps your people bring together new business, cross-sell on cross-divisional and cross-boarder deals, originate new deals, and serve clients the full breadth and depth of your firm by getting to the right person at the right time to answer any client, investor, or colleague’s question. It’s all about being fast and first to win market share in a competitive financial environment. 

Email for case studies on:

  • Deal origination
  • Lead generation
  • Cross-selling
  • M&A
  • Project Finance
  • Sales & Trading 
  • Asset Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Pensions & Insurance
  • Fund Raising

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AI Readiness data Assessments

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