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AI-powered Deal Prompts

Louisa AI reads global news on your clients and prospects and then suggest colleagues from across your company with just the right expertise and just the right relationships to advance revenue opportunities no one thought were possible.

Louisa has helped hundreds of employees originate new deals, ideas and cross-sell opportunities by connecting the dots in a systematic way straight into your inbox.

"Louisa's AI helped me close a record transaction
that I would have otherwise missed."
Managing Director,
Project Finance

"Imagine if everyone in your company knew,
what everyone in your company knows."

Map Your Relationships

“Who at my company can introduce me to …?”

While LinkedIn often includes connections you may not actually know, Louisa focuses on people you do. Constructed on your organization’s email graph, Louisa maps both internal and external relationships within your company. It facilitates warm introductions to anyone, enabling you to secure new business and connect with new prospects.

"Warm leads are not enough!
Louisa AI prompts me to reach out at the right time, on the right topic with the right colleague at hand."
Private Equity

Map Your Company's Expertise

“Who at my company can help with…?” 

Is an everyday question that floods emails Slack and costs knowledge workers 20% of their time. Louisa helps you find colleagues with the right expertise quickly and effortlessly, which is crucial for being the first to serve clients, solve problems, make the best in-the-moment decisions and connect on more deals. 

"A client asked me if our bank does Greek ship financing?
I had no clue, neither did my colleagues,
but luckily Louisa AI did."
Sales & Trading

Don’t waste 20% of your compensation pool

McKinsey studies show that the average knowledge worker spends one day a week looking for the right institutional expertise within their organization. Imagine putting millions of dollars of employee compensation to better use.

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