Press Release​: Louisa AI Acquires Weavit Networks to Help Employees Put Their Personal Network to Work

Louisa AI Acquires Weavit Networks to Help Employees Put Their Personal Network to Work

New York, October 4th, 2023 — Louisa, an enterprise expertise network that assists leading knowledge-based companies, such as Goldman Sachs in fostering serendipitous revenues, announced today the acquisition of Weavit, a firm specializing in personal contact network management. The move seeks to merge personal and professional networking, giving employees in sectors like finance, legal, and consulting a groundbreaking edge.

First Use Case: Empowering New Joiners

The significance of this acquisition is also evident in its potential impact on new employees. Every year, thousands join companies, stepping into unfamiliar territories. We’ve all been there – the new joiner, eager yet lacking the established business relationships within the company’s email and CRM graphs. Now, with Weavit’s capabilities integrated into Louisa’s platform, these new joiners can swiftly leverage their personal networks. In today’s challenging market environment, where new employees often feel the pressure to demonstrate their value quickly, this move is transformative. It helps convert perception into reality, bridging gaps, and facilitating seamless integrations into organizational ecosystems.

Breaking Down Silos, One Relationship at a Time

Louisa AI has been pioneering solutions that dismantle knowledge barriers within vast, intricate organizations since 2018. Their platform is designed to assist employees in pinpointing the right expertise within their firm, leveraging existing relationships, and boost productivity. The Weavit Networks addition expands this vision, bringing personal networks into the corporate world.

“We’re thrilled about this acquisition and see this as the first of many in the expertise and relationship space.” said Rohan Doctor, Founder CEO of Louisa. “Integrating Weavit’s capabilities, we offer new joiners the option to share personal contacts with work colleagues, growing their network and revenue impact in a fully anonymized manner until approved. A win-win-win.”

The Promise of Integrated Networking

Weavit Networks empowers individuals to manage personal ties effectively. Whether it’s past colleagues, industry contacts, or potential clients, Weavit ensures every relationship in your phone and email is tapped into. This complements Louisa’s goal of elevating client service and decision-making by redefining ‘corporate assets.’

“Networking, made simpler and more confidential, has been my goal,” stated Emmanuel Lefort, Co-Founder of Weavit Networks. “Joining Louisa’s AI takes our mission higher, benefiting not just individuals but entire firms.”

Future-Ready Companies

The acquisition is timely. In the face of fierce competition and shifting market dynamics, firms must be agile and future-ready. Louisa and Weavit’s combined offerings ensure organizations are adaptive, poised to tackle current challenges and seize future opportunities.

What This Means for Clients

Clients of both firms can anticipate enriched functionalities. Louisa’s platform will soon integrate Weavit features, letting employees harness both internal and external ties for career growth, providing a comprehensive approach to relationship and knowledge management.

About Louisa AI

Louisa is a cutting-edge institutional expertise platform that was born at Goldman Sachs in 2018 and spun out to become an independent company in 2023. Louisa helps knowledge-based companies foster serendipitous revenues through AI. Louisa AI offers advanced software solutions for knowledge-based sectors from finance to consulting. By automatically mapping a company’s expertise and relationships and tying that to breaking industry news, Louisa aids employees at firms of any size to make connections and revenues no one thought were possible.

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