Sharath Katipally, Newest Louisa Client and Technical Advisory Board Member in Seattle

October 5, 2023, New York, NY:  Louisa Welcomes Sharath Katipally to its Client and Technical Advisory Board

Louisa is pleased to announce the addition of Sharath Katipally to its esteemed Client and Technical Advisory Board. With over two decades of experience in the business and technology sector, including leadership roles at organizations such as JP Morgan, Amazon, and various tech startups, Sharath brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will undoubtedly enhance Louisa’s mission to drive revenue growth and improve productivity for its clients.

“We are glad that Sharath has accepted our invitation to join our Client and Technical Advisory Board. Sharath’s recognition of how Louisa positively impacts revenue growth for client-facing teams aligns perfectly with our vision. As a senior leader in engineering, he is poised to enhance the productivity of his colleagues by building robust enterprise-wide social and technical networks. Furthermore, Sharath understands the potential for Louisa to supercharge firm-wide productivity, benefitting all knowledge workers across the enterprise.””  said Rohan Doctor, Founder and CEO.

“A Louisa deployment for client-facing teams not only yields a rapid and substantial return on investment through client acquisition and improved client service but also enhances revenue generation for the entire organization. What may be less apparent, yet equally critical, is Louisa’s ability to connect colleagues dynamically, fostering a ‘One Firm’ approach to solving complex business challenges. Unlocking the full potential of the firm is where Louisa truly shines and provides significant firm-wide value.” said Katipally.

“Louisa’s expansion to the West Coast will benefit significantly from Sharath’s presence in Seattle, WA. As a thought leader with both business and technical expertise, Sharath will leverage his extensive network of senior executives and potential investors to support Louisa’s growth initiatives” said Chip Welsh, Global Head of Client Solutions at Louisa. “The impact of Sharath’s involvement with our team opens up the West Coast, significantly enhancing Louisa’s revenue-generating capabilities as we continue to expand our client engagements.”

Louisa looks forward to the valuable insights and contributions that Sharath will bring to its Client and Technical Advisory Board, further solidifying its commitment to driving innovation and success for its clients.

About Louisa AI

Louisa AI is an AI-powered Sales Enablement platform that transforms the way organizations leverage their internal expertise and relationships. Originally incubated at Goldman Sachs, Louisa spun out in March 2023 to become an independent company.

Business is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right intel. Louisa prompts your client-facing teams to make the first call to close the deal. By integrating with your companys internal data and merging it with external industry news, Louisa systematizes serendipitous revenues that no one ever thought were possible.

Studies indicate that organizations with over 150 clients and colleagues often miss key opportunities by failing to connect the right expertise and introduction at the right time. Louisa self-builds an AI-powered expertise map and relationship graph that bridges this gap.

With Louisa AI, organizations can maximize revenues and their human capital, ensuring the best use of their workforces collective knowledge, skills relationships and industry news to ultimately drive growth and innovation.

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