We help companies foster serendipitous revenues through AI

Expertise + Relationships + Intel

Founder Rohan Doctor with the Louisa team developing serendipitous revenues through AI

Origin Story: Our Founder, Rohan Doctor, was a Managing Director and 17-year veteran at Goldman Sachs. Whilst he ran the Banks Solutions business, he closed a record transaction in 2017. When management asked, “How did you do it?” The answer was serendipity. Rohan had met the right internal person right time at the water cooler in London, and months later, they closed a cross-boarder funding that no one thought was possible. The second question was, “How can you do it again?” His answer was, “what if we could systematize serendipity with data?” And just like that, the concept of Louisa AI was born. 

Louisa AI is a relationship intelligence platform that was born at Goldman Sachs
and spun out to become an independent company in 2023.

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Use AI to connect human intellect to create opportunities that no one thought were possible.


Systematize serendipity in the business world using AI

Our core values

Louisa AI’s success is underpinned by partnerships with our clients, team, and investors. These principles form the bedrock of our operations, guiding us towards excellence in every endeavor.

Transparency builds Trust

Working together Works

Progress over Perfection

We help companies foster serendipitous revenues through AI

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