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Win more deals

Our AI connects you to the right intel and people at speeds that make you win more.

Deliver the Firm

Tap into the expertise and relationships of your entire company in seconds

Gain Time & Save Costs

Give back 20% of your employees' time wasted trying to find the right expertise

Regulatory-Grade Platform

Your security, privacy, and compliance are our priorities.


AI-Powered Deal Prompts

Unlike a human, Louisa can know all your company’s clients, read millions of news articles from hundreds of news sources, industry trade reports, proprietary research, and corporate communications. It then routes the right client intel to the right people’s inboxes to provide AI-powered deal prompts to make connections no one thought were possible.

If your company already has industry news you purchase, nothing like it, we’ll consume it. If not, Louisa already read millions of news articles a week from over 250 news sources so you can connect on deals like never before.

Popular integrations

Relationship Graph

Louisa enables users to opt-into sharing the people they know best at their company, and the people know best outside of the the company. Everyone at your company has university friends, neighbours, family and ex-colleagues that could be invaluable to your business. 

If your company already has a relationship graph with this intel, nothing like it, we’ll consume it in a GDPR friendly way. If not, we have integrations ready to help you.

Popular integrations

Expertise Map

Louisa has been trained on 100,000+ people over 5 years and can now automatically assign 10 expertise tags to anyone at your company, from client-facing people to operations, legal, and compliance. Your employees just voice out a two-line prompt and, LouisaGPT does the rest.

If your company already has detailed bios of what your people’s expertise is, that’s great, we gladly consume it. If not, we have AI ready to help you.

Popular integrations

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Ask Louisa Anything - Chat GPT for your client ecosystem

Ask any question, and LouisaGPT will find colleagues at your company that are best placed to help solve your problem no matter what it is.

Louisa facilitates a real-time call or chat with whomever is available at your company, so you can crowd-source the best solution quicker than your competition.

Our experienced consulting team will first help you roll this out to all your client-facing people, and eventually to clients too.

"Louisa transforms the intellectual and relationship capital of the firm into a digital platform that any one of our employees can access to have more opportunities to close deals."

Regulatory-grade, security, privacy, and compliance is our edge

We sync with your company’s disparate systems, combining corporate directories, LinkedIn, and HR data to auto-build your expertise and relationship graph map ‘what’ and ‘who’ your company knows. All this happens with user curation and opt-out workflows designed with conflicts, MNPI, and confidentiality baked in to ensure regulatory-grade, security, privacy and compliance.

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We are a revenue-first platform that leverages the people intelligence of the entire firm

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