Louisa AI Welcomes Daniel J. West as Go-to-market and Product Strategy Advisor in Singapore

January 2024, Singapore

Daniel brings over two decades of experience and innovation in Human Resource Management and People Analytics to Louisa AI, having played transformative roles in major organizations like Noble Group, Uber, and Apple, as well as numerous start-ups across EMEA and APAC.

After an early HR career with Morgan Stanley in APAC, Daniel led Apple’s HR teams for Japan, Australia, US Sales and the Global Online Store, contributing to the brand’s remarkable growth and market dominance. Daniel went on to be the CHRO at Noble Group in Hong Kong, managing a team of over 600 to support a global trading and logistics organization of over 17,000 at the commodity trading group. His start-up experience was sparked during his tenure as the Head of HR for Uber International, where he was instrumental during its significant global expansion phase. In 2017 Daniel went on to be the Founder and CEO of Panalyt, an innovative people analytics platform that he successfully exited in 2023. Daniel now embarks on a new journey with Louisa AI, as he splits his time between London and Singapore.

Rohan Doctor, Founder and CEO of Louisa AI, commented on Daniel’s appointment:

“Daniel is a visionary innovation-focused leader whose expertise in network analytics and Talent issues at both global institutions and high growth start-ups is unparalleled. He has a proven track record of driving growth and fostering innovation. Working with Louisa AI, Daniel will be pivotal in helping financial institutions develop their AI-powered revenue enablement strategies, focusing on harnessing AI to connect people rather than replace them. His deep understanding of human capital dynamics and his experience in global markets make him an invaluable asset to our business.”

“Louisa has brought together talent data, relational network data and external market intelligence in a truly ground-breaking solution that is already remarkably effective in the core use case of driving ‘synergistic sales’ for complex sales teams” remarked Daniel, when asked about Louisa’s solutions, “The future potential ROI for clients of leveraging these combined data sets, in the secure, banking-grade environment that Louisa has implemented, is unparalleled. Seamless visibility to team engagement, productivity and attrition, with a revenue-team orientation, will enhance an already powerful offering, and will propel Louisa’s growth globally.”

Louisa looks forward to the valuable insights and contributions that Daniel will bring, further solidifying its commitment to driving innovation and success for its clients.

About Louisa AI

Louisa AI is an AI-powered Sales Enablement platform that transforms the way organizations leverage their internal expertise and relationships. Originally incubated at Goldman Sachs, Louisa spun out in March 2023 to become an independent company.

Business is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right intel. Louisa prompts your client-facing teams to make the first call to close the deal. By integrating with your companys internal data and merging it with external industry news, Louisa systematizes serendipitous revenues that no one ever thought were possible.

Studies indicate that organizations with over 150 clients and colleagues often miss key opportunities by failing to connect the right expertise and introduction at the right time. Louisa self-builds an AI-powered expertise map and relationship graph that bridges this gap.

With Louisa AI, organizations can maximize revenues and their human capital, ensuring the best use of their workforces collective knowledge, skills relationships and industry news to ultimately drive growth and innovation.

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