Louisa AI Welcomes Suzanne Rabicoff to the Client Advisory Board in New York

Suzanne joins us with decades of enterprise success experience. Her dynamic career and Future of Work focus led her to found The Pie Grower, an AI-focused fractional leadership and advisory practice centered around helping organizations work out what to do with people in the age of augmented human and machine workforces. The Pie Grower honors and actualizes Alex Edmans’ concept of the pie-growing mentality:

“By applying a radically different approach to business, companies can create profit for investors and value for society. The pie-growing mentality stresses that the pie is not fixed. By investing in stakeholders, a company doesn’t reduce investors’ slice of the pie, as assumed by some CEOs – it grows the pie, ultimately benefiting investors.” 

This stakeholder-centric approach aligns with Louisa AI’s mission: Orchestrating human and AI capabilities to create otherwise impossible growth opportunities. By investing in relationship-enhancing solutions like Louisa AI, organizations create experiences for stakeholders that encourage growth, innovation, and efficiency. 

Rohan Doctor, Founder and CEO of Louisa AI, expressed his enthusiasm: “Suzanne and I met at a Two Sigma conference on AI and I immediately knew Louisa AI needed her. She’s worked at AI start-ups for 20 years! Her business-first understanding of AI’s role in transforming companies and her success in deploying next-gen AI solutions across verticals gives her a trusted advisor status with her expanding client base. Suzanne has worked in start-ups for over 10 years and knows how to do what it takes to help clients boost revenue growth for businesses worldwide.”

Suzanne shared her perspective on joining Louisa AI, highlighting the platform’s transformative potential: “I’ve been sharing Louisa’s story continuously because I strongly believe that it can help growth teams better contribute to stakeholders by giving them the ideal information at the ideal time. Being relevant and considerate with communication is how one goes from selling to contributing which is essential for competitive, relationship-centric industries like Financial Services, Consulting, and Private Equity.”

With Suzanne’s unique lens on AI for enterprise success, her addition is expected to accelerate and expand our value to industry leaders. 

About Louisa AI

Louisa AI is an AI-powered Sales Enablement platform that transforms the way organizations leverage their internal expertise and relationships. Originally incubated at Goldman Sachs, Louisa spun out in March 2023 to become an independent company.

Business is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right intel. Louisa prompts your client-facing teams to make the first call to close the deal. By integrating with your companys internal data and merging it with external industry news, Louisa systematizes serendipitous revenues that no one ever thought were possible.

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