Louisa AI Welcomes Stan Sadovski to the Client Solutions team

January 2024, New York

Louisa AI is pleased to announce the appointment of Stan Sadovski, ex-Goldman Sachs, as the new Head of Financial Institutions. Stan joins Louisa AI with a rich and diverse background in finance and technology, bringing over a decade of industry experience to his new role.

Before joining Louisa AI, Stan served as Managing Director at Credit Benchmark, an alternative credit data and analytics provider, where he was Head of Client Solutions for the Americas. In this role, he was responsible for implementing strategic solutions across a wide range of banks, hedge funds, asset managers, private equity, pension & insurance, sovereign wealth funds, and exchanges, showcasing his ability to handle complex client relationships and project implementations.

His previous experience includes a pivotal five-year stint at Goldman Sachs in New York and London. In 2012 he was part of the Credit Risk Management and Advisory team, where he covered the Industrial and Technology sectors. In 2016, he joined the Workout and Restructuring team, covering EMEA and APAC regions out of London.

Rohan Doctor, Founder and CEO of Louisa AI, commented on the appointment:

“Stan is the go-to-market engine we have been waiting for. He speaks our client’s language and I see him becoming a trusted advisor in the rapidly evolving AI space. His extensive background in finance and technology, coupled with his proven track record in structuring win-win solutions for clients, aligns perfectly with our mission to create value for finance professionals by finance practitioners.”

At Louisa AI, Stan will be responsible for helping market-leading financial institutions organize and implement their AI roadmap. The opportunity to save costs, generate revenues, and deliver value has never been better. His expertise in managing complex client relationships and strategic project implementation will be instrumental in enhancing Louisa AI’s offerings and ensuring client satisfaction.
For more information about Stan Sadovski and Louisa AI, please visit www.louisa.ai

About Louisa AI

Louisa AI is an AI-powered Sales Enablement platform that transforms the way organizations leverage their internal expertise and relationships. Originally incubated at Goldman Sachs, Louisa spun out in March 2023 to become an independent company.

Business is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right intel. Louisa prompts your client-facing teams to make the first call to close the deal. By integrating with your company’s internal data and merging it with external industry news, Louisa systematizes serendipitous revenues that no one ever thought were possible.

Studies indicate that organizations with over 150 clients and colleagues often miss key opportunities by failing to connect the right expertise and introduction at the right time. Louisa self-builds an AI-powered expertise map and relationship graph that bridges this gap.

With Louisa AI, organizations can maximize revenues and their human capital, ensuring the best use of their workforces collective knowledge, skills relationships and industry news to ultimately drive growth and innovation.

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