Press Release: Louisa & Revmo on Strategic Partnership

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Press Release: Louisa and Revmo Embark on a Strategic Partnership to Forge Serendipitous Connections and Unearth Hidden Opportunities

New York, 28th October 2023 – When Founders trust each other, great things can happen. Especially when both are ex-Goldman colleagues, today marks a new chapter for corporate networking and expertise mapping as Louisa, the pioneer in auto-mapping expertise and relationships for leading financial institutions, joins Revmo in strategic collaboration and integration, an innovative platform enabling companies to tap into potential connections based on historical overlaps in careers and education. Together, they are set to redefine the landscape of professional networking and deal-making.

Louisa has made a name for itself with leading players in the the financial sector such as Goldman Sachs and Insight Partners, by employing advanced AI algorithms to sift through vast amounts of data, helping firms uncover and utilize internal expertise and relationships like never before. By reading all the news and staying updated on current events, Louisa ensures that its users are always in the loop, connecting the right people for the right deals at the right time.

Revmo, on the other hand, introduces a unique layer to this networking prowess. It brings the added capability of suggesting potential connections based on historical overlaps in careers or education, even when the users themselves may not be aware of these connections.

“For instance, if two individuals attended the same university at the same time, there’s a reasonable chance they might know each other. But if they sit on the same board together, have overlapping social circles or have geographic overlap the likelihood that they’re acquainted increases commensurately,” explains Freddie de Sibert, CEO of Revmo.

This partnership stands as a testament to both companies’ commitment to innovation and their belief in the power of connections.

Creating Connections Like Never Before

“Through this partnership, we’re not just connecting dots; we’re uncovering hidden networks and opportunities, making serendipitous connections no one thought were possible,” says Rohan Doctor, Founder CEO of Louisa. “We are excited to integrate Revmo’s capabilities into our platform, providing our clients with an unparalleled edge in networking and deal-making.”

This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize how companies approach networking, making it more intelligent, intuitive, and impactful. Financial institutions, in particular, stand to gain significantly, as they will now be equipped with a tool that not only maps out existing relationships and expertise but also uncovers potential connections based on historical overlaps.

About Louisa

Louisa is a leading provider of expertise and relationship mapping solutions, specifically designed for leading Financial Institutions. By leveraging AI, Louisa helps companies unlock the full potential of their internal resources, fostering an environment where serendipitous connections and opportunities are the norms.

About Revmo

Revmo is a cutting-edge platform that enhances corporate networking by suggesting potential connections based on the many layers of connectivity which power human relationships: education, investment, boards, locations, events and alternative data. It empowers users to unlock the full potential of their Network of Networks, opening doors to warm introductions and relationships which would otherwise lie dormant.

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